Jaguar Friends – NFT Collection

Jaguar Friends is related to a solid and ongoing movement: the Jaguar Parade, an important art exhibition with dozens of life-size jaguar statues. The Next edition will take place in the streets and parks of NYC in September, partnering with the leading global organizations in sustainability, such as the UN, WWF, WCS, and Panthera.

Jaguar Friends was born to bring this solid initiative into the web3 universe with genesis collections: Jungle Society NFT (5555) and 40 exclusives 1/1 NFT Fine Arts made on demand by some of the best digital artists in the world. Also, Jaguar Friends is launching the project as official partners of The Sandbox, where will launch the Jaguar Friends Experience in the Alpha 3 Season, to be also released on Sept 7th.

The first iteration of the Jaguar Parade in the online world is called Jaguar Friends Fine Arts.

40 of the most prominent artists created 40 exclusive NFTs (1/1).

With a wide range of digital art styles, these talented artists brought to life their ideas about diversity and uniqueness concerning America’s most giant cat.

This NFT Collection is for people who search for one-of-kind collectibles.

40% of the revenue from the NFT minting and 20% of royalties revenue in the secondary market will go to Jaguars’ conservation initiatives partners.

Jaguar Friends Jungle Society is a collection of 5,555 NFTs (non-fungible tokens), comprised of beautiful and fun digital illustrations of jaguars drawn by artist Joel Best. All artworks were created to reflect the similarities and differences between jaguars and humans in a playful way. This NFT collection is for people looking for iconic characters and rare items in different forms and expressions.

The Jungle Society collection can only be minted in the link below.

The best part is that 30% of NFT coinage revenue and 20% of secondary market royalty revenue will go to NGOs and jaguar conservation initiative partners.


Every excellent art collection has some centerpieces. Jaguar Friends is one of them. You will find in this collection six legendary Jaguars, each meticulously developed. Imagination ran wild, and as a result, the legendary Jaguars are hand-drawn, culturally significant NFTs that leave collectors speechless.



We have developed a Jaguar Friends Experience in Sandbox Metaverse.

You will walk into Digital Central Park and see our digital Jaguar Parade, our Fine Arts Collection, and our Jungle Society NFT Collection.

You will be able to start a quest to find seven hidden Jags and win prizes.

Here we have Sebastian Borget, COO and Co-Founder of @TheSandboxGame inviting you to Jaguar Friend Experience.


Giovane Pasa

CryptoArtery Co-Founder

Carolina Barreto

CryptoArtery Co-Founder

Guto Schwochow

CryptoArtery Co-Founder

Diogo Ribeiro

Metaverse Architect

Joel Best

Jaguar Friends Jungle Society Artist

Aran Andrade

Head of Communications

Mariana Muraoka

Jaguar Friends Fine Arts Curator

Danilo Raldi

Communication Assistant

UnApe Labs

Community Management (Discord)

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Jaguar Parade is an open-air art exhibition of decorated jaguar statues. It is an art installation with a purpose: to raise funds and awareness about the urgent need to conserve jaguars and their habitats.
Placing the jaguar statues in selected public places brings the environmental cause to the forefront of the public's attention, uniquely reaching millions of people.

The statues are auctioned by the end of the exhibition period, and 100% of the net proceeds are donated to jaguar conservation efforts.


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